Aver PTC500 Professional Auto Tracking Camera

Brand: Aver
Product Code: 61U9P10000AD
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The AVer PTC500 is the ideal professional tracking camera for all kinds of applications. Boasting a powerful PTZ camera with 30X optical zoom, it can track and ¬film moving people or objects even if other people cross through its ¬field of vision. It also features a wide-angle camera that provides a panoramic view for conveniently previewing the whole space. Users can set up through AVer’s AcuControl software, which offers an intuitive interface with a variety of precise setup options. With its market-leading quality and customizability, the PTC500 creates engaging video for streaming, sharing and recording a variety of activities, such as lectures, demonstrations, video conferences, speeches, and more.

30X Optical Zoom
Even when placed at the far end of a large room the PTC500 can provide crystal-clear images of people or objects thanks to its 30X optical zoom.

120° FOV Panoramic View
The PTC500 features a second camera on its base, offering a panoramic view thanks to its 120° FOV, ample for taking in rooms of all shapes, types, and sizes.

High Tracking Accuracy
The PTC500 offers high-accuracy tracking with the ability to set 1 target zone and 8 blocking zones. Tracking remains smooth and unbroken even if other people or objects pass in front of the target.

AcuControl Free Software
Adjust settings and preview video ahead of time using the free, user-friendly AcuControl software. AcuControl also allows users to transfer video via IP streaming and supports the ONVIF protocol.

2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design
Chosen by a panel of world design experts to be a Red Dot Award Winner for the Product Design Category at the 2017 Red Dot Awards.