Vaddio AV Bridge MATRIX PRO

Brand: Vaddio
Product Code: 999-8230-001
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The MATRIX PRO was designed for integrators in order to reduce the complexity of AV system design and implementation, while delivering the features and capabilities most sought after by today’s sophisticated end user.

MATRIX PRO fits into many applications, which include UC and video conferencing, audio conferencing, lecture capture, local AV presentations and more! It’s perfect for small, medium, and even large venues such as classrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls or anywhere that high quality audio, video, network, streaming and control is mission critical. This 2-RU system-in-a-box pairs up with the EasyUSB™ MicPODs, Ceiling MicPODs and interfaces with ZoomSHOT™, WideSHOT™, and Vaddio HD PTZ cameras.

The AV Bridge MATRIX PRO combines the functionality of the AV Bridge encoder with IP and USB 2.0 (UVC & UAC) streaming, a four input seamless HD video presentation switcher, three (3) Quick-Connect™ Interfaces for Vaddio cameras with EZCamera™ Cat-5 connectivity, an 8 x 4 cross-point audio matrix with integrated AEC, four (4) EasyMic™ Ports for Vaddio ceiling or table mics with built-in echo cancellation and a web server for configuration programming, control and remote management. The AV Bridge MATRIX PRO replaces a rack full of gear, and then some.