Yamaha UC (Revolabs) FLX UC1500, SIP / IP + USB Conference Phone with Extension Microphones

Brand: Yamaha UC
Product Code: 10-FLXUC1500
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FLX UC 1500 IP & USB Conference Phone with Extension Microphones

Extended Conferencing and Collaboration for Larger Spaces

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The FLX UC 1500 is the latest member of Revolabs' Award-Winning FLXconference phone family. Using the same superior audio technology as the FLX UC 500 USB conference phone and the FLX UC 1000 USB & IP conference phones, it supports USB audio for softphone calls and SIP telephony for all market leading IP PBXs. The FLX UC 1500 also features call bridging between VoIP and USB calls.

Two optional directional microphones extend the audio pickup for conference rooms of up to 18 people, making it a convenient solution for larger meeting spaces.

Revolabs (Yamaha Unified Communications)