Vaddio RoboTRAK Base System (Cameras available separately)

Brand: Vaddio
Product Code: 999-7270-000
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**Cameras available separately**

The RoboTRAK is Vaddio’s 4th generation automated tracking system. Designed with the assistance of educators and AV staff alike, this system is the most accurate and precise tracking system for all small, medium and larger venues. Operational distance ranges from 12-40 feet and within the height range of 4-15 feet. Paired with any RoboSHOT camera, the RoboTRAK system uses Tri-Synchronous movement for smooth, natural tracking.

The RoboTRAK IR camera is paired with the IR source lanyard allowing instructors to use multiple classrooms outfitted with the RoboTRAK without interrupting camera tracking. An advancement from the AutoTRAK lanyard belt pack, the RoboTRAK lanyard worn by instructors is unobtrusive and lasts up to 40 hours on a single battery charge. The intelligent lanyard communicates with the RoboTRAK for continuous automated tracking, leaving the instructor centrally framed no matter the location.

Key Features
Compatible with all RoboSHOT Cameras
Optimized for 850nm
40 hour battery operation with 4 hour charge time
Web-based configuration