Videxio / VMR Virtual Meeting Room (per user, per annum)

Brand: Videxio
Product Code: 5105-0501
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Video conferencing as a service (Vaas), Enterprise User Licence / Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). Cost per user, per per annum. One off activation fee applicable.

With a Videxio Enterprise User License, you get a personal video account that turns a Mac, PC or a mobile device into a video endpoint. Ideal for when you're on the road or for your home office and want to connect directly with your colleagues. Allows up to 50 participants on audio and video. Connect, show and collaborate from anywhere.

Unlimited flexibility
The invitation link from Videxio allows you to invite your colleagues, partners or customers to join your meeting and start collaboration within 5 minutes from their PC, MAC, iPad or Android device. Our plans enable you to start low and add users as you grow without the need to invest in infrastructure.

Your unique video address
This will be your software client’s “phone number” and you’ll pick this yourself. We’ve formatted it like an email address, so it’s easy to remember and share with your contacts.

Phone book always up to date
Search in a phonebook that contains the addresses of all the other users and virtual meeting rooms in your company, as well as anyone on the Videxio service.

Smart roaming
If you are traveling to another location, your device automatically connects to our nearest datacenter on our network. This ensures the lowest latency and best quality video experience.

Because you need flexibility, we allow you to use your devices of choice. Install and use our client on up to 6 different devices at the same time, and stay connected using your office PC, Mac or mobile device.

Show and collaborate
Share a presentation, a spreadsheet or anything on a computer for all participants to see. The content will be displayed together with the video of other participants.