iSmart Lecturer Tracking Camera

Brand: ISmart
Product Code: LTC-A2001N
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iSmart Lecturer Tracking Camera

Board writing triggers tracking
When board writing detecting camera detects writing actions, it triggers the lecturer tracking camera to automatically move to pre-defined board position and start tracking lecturer there. If undetected, tracking camera can either stay or return to pre-defined position.

IP capability
Both the lecturer tracking camera and board writing detecting camera support IP control and preview, detecting camera also supports POE. Free configuration software is provided together with device.

Unmanned and standalone tracking
Tracking performance is realized by the system itself, both its two lens manage the tracking algorithm, there is no need to have manual operation or have extra devices / sensors to assist tracking.

Precise lock and track capability
Tracking is based on both face detection and motion detection technology, which ensures smooth and precise lock & track performance even in comprehensive scenarios.

Able to output switched video
Camera has built-in switching rule that can automatically switch its tracking and wide angle camera image based on lecturer’s moving in/out of lecturing area, the switched video is outputted through one video channel.

No “fish-eye” at full view lens
The small full view lens of the tracking system addressed geometric distortion problem, it can be used as a standard image to shot lecturer area.