Videxio / Endpoint Subscription (per endpoint, per annum)

Brand: Videxio
Product Code: 1030-0501
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Video conferencing as a service (Vaas), Endpoint Subscription. Cost per endpoint, per per annum. One off activation fee applicable.

A Videxio endpoint subscription is what you need in order to place and receive calls on your video unit. It's like the subscription you have for your mobile phone.

Unlimited video calling
Call as much as you'd like to users both inside and outside of your company. Use screen sharing to show presentations or other documents. Communicate with anyone who's got standards-based video, whether they are on the Videxio service or not, including Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize etc.

Global backbone
Your endpoint connects to our service through the internet connection you already have, but from there it plugs into our global backbone with dedicated capacity and assured quality. This means that you can get the best quality possible on your international video calls, without having to invest in your own dedicated network.

Plug and play activation
We've made it easy for you to activate the subscription on the endpoint yourself - no need to do any configuration of the unit. Plug the endpoint into the internet connection you already have, click on a link to couple the endpoint to the Videxio service, and start calling on video immediately.

Your unique video address
This will be your unit's "phone number". We've formatted it like an email address, so it's easy to remember and share with your contacts.

An always updated phonebook
A phonebook that contains the addresses of all the other video units, users and virtual meeting rooms in your company. It's automatically delivered to your endpoint, so you don't have to type in addresses manually. Plus you can search for anyone on the Videxio service.