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Tech Updates 

Today we are announcing a change to the way Sync App is updated. This change affects those who manage Logitech devices connected to a Mac or PC. 

After December 1, 2022, updates to Sync App will no longer occur automatically. Instead, you will be prompted whenever a new Sync App update is available, and you can then decide when to apply it.  

As part of the change, we are also releasing a new feature called Scheduled Sync App Updates, which gives you precise control of how and when the Sync App is updated. This feature will be delivered through one last automatic update on December 1.   

Next Steps: There is no need for you to take action at this point. However, if you choose to do so, you can validate and deploy this update manually starting today. Simply download Sync App 2.5.293

Learn more about how to manage your Sync App version



Ribbon’s SBCs Receive Google SIP Link Certification
Ribbon's SBC portfolio has been approved by Google

Ribbon has confirmed that its Session Border Controllers (SBC) have been certified for Google’s new Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Link.

Ribbon’s SBC 5400, SCB SWe, SBE SWe Edge, SBC 1000, and SBC 2000 can now be deployed by Google Cloud business customers to leverage Google Voice telephony services.

As communications continue to shift to the cloud, Ribbon hopes that its products will help optimise workforces worldwide following the Google certification.

Tony Scarfo, EVP & General Manager of Ribbon’s Cloud & Edge Business Unit, said: “SIP Link is an important initiative in the ongoing quest to make cloud-based voice services more broadly available to organisations and their workers.

“We’re proud to partner with Google Cloud to showcase our ability to support cloud-based telephony solutions that enhance employee productivity anywhere in the world.”

According to Ribbon, its extensive SBC portfolio offers organisations secure telecom connectivity to help block unauthorised access and fraudulent activity.

It also offers call encryption and protection of the broader enterprise data network.

Ribbon has designed its SBCs to provide robust SIP security and interoperability, including legacy PBXs, contact centres, analogue devices, SIP devices, and different telecom providers.

The company’s SBCs already support Microsoft Teams Phone (formerly Operator Connect) following an announcement last year.

It means that Ribbon can enable its service provider customers to take full advantage of its SBCs to provide the high-quality business integration offered by Microsoft Teams Phone.

Google announced the launching of its SIP Link in Google Voice during its Cloud Next ’22 event earlier this month.

For Google Voice Standard and Premier customers, admins can now connect a SIP trunk with Voice.

The service allows phone numbers from local carriers to be used for Google Voice through a secure set of SBCs.

Google states that the new SIP Link service will make it easier for its customers to leverage the power of the Voice platform.


NUMBER:            Warning-22-00036725   DATE:    09-29-2022

STATUS:               Active   ORIGINATOR:    Ribbon RTS


APPLICABLE RELEASE(S):               8.1.0 - 9.0.2

FIXED RELEASE(S):            9.0.3

ISSUE NUMBER(S):          SYM-28412 CHOR-10084


Product Release

SBC 1000(UX1000)           09.00

SBC 2000(UX2000)           09.00

SWeLite               09.00



TLS 1.0 cipher suites remain in a "TLS 1.2 Only" profile after upgrading from older SW.


TLS 1.0 cipher suites remain in a "TLS 1.2 Only" profile after upgrading from older SW.
A defect in older versions of SBC software (versions 8.1 to 9.0.2) kept all security suites for TLS 1.0 and 1.2;despite theuser creating a new TLS Profile and changing the "TLS Protocol" from the default "TLS 1.0-1.2" to "TLS 1.2 Only".

If the user removes some, but not all, of the TLS 1.0security suites from the TLS Profile, and then upgrades to SBC 9.0.3+, the TLS 1.0 security suites are still listed and can be used, but are not available in the list when you click the "Add/Edit" button.

If the user no longer wants the TLS 1.0 security suites in the TLS 1.2 profile, they must manually delete them or create a new TLS Profile in the 9.0.3+ code.

Solution Details:

To access details and the latest updates to this communication, please log into the Ribbon Portal at then navigate to the following link:




Sync update affects Logitech Rally camera Exposure

Yesterday, Logitech released a Sync app update meant to introduce a new feature, but unfortunately, it caused some Logitech customers to experience quality issues with their Rally cameras and/or Meetup conference room equipment. We are writing to let you know a new update has been pushed out through the Sync app to correct this issue and restore the video image quality. The Sync app typically updates itself within 24 hours, so no further action is required on your part. However, if you would like to accelerate this update, please use one of these options.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us here. Again, we sincerely apologize for any disruption this caused.

Thank you,
Logitech team



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