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DECT Handsets

Lightweight durable DECT handsets for all applications
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Spectralink 7502 Handset (DECT Wireless Phone, 75 Series)

Spectralink Handset 7502, 1G8. Please order Charger (84642472 w/o USB or 84642473 w/USB) and Power supply (84642601) separately.

The Spectralink 7502 wireless DECT handset is elegant yet robust with a long list of features specially designed to increase user as well as business productivity for mobile workers in SOHO (Small Office / Home Office), and general office environments. The large colour display and the intuitive menu structure makes the handset a valuable and preferred choice for mobile workers in general office environments across the range of vertical markets.

7642 Handset, 1G8, includes battery. Order Charger (84642488 w/o USB) and Power supply (84642601) separately

Updated DECT 7642 handset with RED alarm button together with firmware enhancements that can support European loneworker and man-down requirements. This change will enable customers in countries with specific alarm requirements to utilize the new DECT 7642 models. This enhancement also supports customers in markets where it is preferable to have a red-colored alarm button.

Replaces the KIRK 6040, and Spectralink 7640 handsets.

Spectralink 7212 Handset 1G8/1G9

7212 Handset, Frequency-Swap 1G8/1G9, includes battery. Requires frequency swap license SKU 14075620 sold separately.

Requires frequency-swap license SKU 14075620 sold separately. Order Charger (84642488) and Power supply (84642601) separately.

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