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Embed Video into Your Digital Communications. Real-time video for the moments that matter most, in telehealth, video banking, workforce collaboration, customer engagement, and more. Video Communications Has Moved Beyond “Video Conferencing”. A flexible solution purpose-built for healthcare, VidyoHealth is designed to integrate with your EHR, medical devices and even software endpoints running off-the-shelf software.
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VidyoPortal Appliance and Software Options / Multitenant DB option for VidyoPortal Server

Adds Multitenant capability to the VidyoPortal. Allows to manage fully autonomous tenant deployments over a single server.
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Other Accesories for VidyoRooms / VidyoRoom Screen Sharing accessory

A device which adds VGA input to VidyoRoom products, enabling an external laptop to share its screen. Recommended for use with VidyoRoom HD-50, HD-100, and HD-220 systems. Optional for use with VidyoRoom HD-230 where VGA connectivity is required (HD-230 has built-in DVI interface for content sharing).
Other Accesories for VidyoRooms / DVI to USB3 adapter

DVI to USB3 adapter for capturing DVI video and converting to USB3 for use with VidyoRooms running software version 3.0 and later. Uses include connecting laptop or other content sharing source with DVI output to the VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama solutions or connecting a non-USB PTZ camera to VidyoRoom solutions that require USB video input. This device is also available as part of Pro Pack bundles (sold separately) for camera applications where customer needs more than just the adapter to complete the deployment.
Other Accesories for VidyoRooms / 4K UHD HDMI to USB3

The device captures DVI-I audio and video at up to 1080p30 or2160p10 (UHD) and converts to USB3. Requires VidyoRoom 3.3 and later software.
VidyoPortal Appliance and Software Options / Secured VidyoConferencing Option

Optional software on a per VidyoPortal basis to enable a secured communication environment supporting HTTPS to the VidyoPortal and AES-128 bit media encryption. Enabling SSL & Proxy services simultaneously requires a stand alone VidyoRouter (Not possible with VidyoOne).
VidyoDesktop - LifeTime Software Licenses (one time download) / Vidyo Softclient License Bundle 1000

1000 soft-client (VidyoDesktop/ VidyoMobile) perpetual licenses for installation on Windows, Macintosh, Linux PCs, or iOS or Android tablets and smartphones. One license required per unique device on which the client is installed. Maintenance for Vidyo softclient software is included at no additional charge with any active service plan.
VidyoLines Software Licenses (NOT FOR COMMERCIAL HOSTED/CSP BUSINESS) / UHD VidyoLine License

Each VidyoLine license is perpetual and enables a concurrent connection through the VidyoRouter to a conference or another user with support for up to UHD (3840x2160) up & down. (Maintenance Contract Required) NOTE: Existing deployments with VidyoRouter annual port licenses must be converted to VidyoLine licenses before new VidyoLine licenses may be added. (NOT FOR COMMERCIAL HOSTED/CSP BUSINESS)
VidyoRouter Appliance & Virtual Appliance / VidyoRouter

VidyoRouter 1U, 19" rackmountable, appliance to host up to 100 concurrent endpoint connections. VidyoRouters are stackable with auto load balancing provided by the VidyoPortal.
VidyoReplay Recording & Webcast Appliance / VidyoReplay

VidyoReplay 1U, 19" rackmountable, appliance to support webcast to up to 300 concurrent HD viewers, recording for up to 5 concurrent HD sessions or 15 concurrent SD sessions, and content management for recorded VidyoConferences. Separate license, LIC-AAC-SP, must be included with orders for Service Providers that intend to sell VidyoReplay services or bundle VidyoReplay services as part of a commercial offering.
VidyoGateway H.323 & SIP Gateway Appliance & Virtual Appliance / VidyoGateway XL

VidyoGateway XL, 1U, 19" rack mountable, appliance to connect Vidyo endpoints with Legacy H.323 and SIP Videoconferencing endpoints. Supports up to 5 HD, 15 SD or 25 concurrent CIF connections. Supports up to 50 voice only connections. For use with VidyoConferencing v2.0 or later. Includes mounting rails. NOTE: Connections through the VidyoGateway XL do NOT consume VidyoLine licenses for connectivity through the VidyoRouter.
VidyoRoom HD Room Systems - Hardware Appliances - / VidyoRoom HD40-B - endpoint only

Ultra small form factor HD room appliance that encodes 720p up to 30fps and decodes 1080p up to 30fps on a single screen with support for a second screen for shared content viewing. The appliance is VESA 1 mountable to the back of a display. Display, USB camera, speakerphone and tablet hardware for Vidyo Remote control software NOT INCLUDED. NOTE: The RF QWERTY Remote Control (PN DEV-ACC-RM-RF-REMOTE) may be purchased separately for customers in the US, Canada and EU. For a complete list of countries where the remote is qualified for sale see the RF QWERTY Remote Exception Table posted on the Partner Center Site under “Sales Training and Resources”.
HD Cameras for VidyoPanorama, VidyoRooms & VidyoDesktop / Professional PTZ Camera for VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama systems

Sony EVI-HD7 high performance HD 1080P60 camera with VISCA controllable pan, tilt and 10x optical zoom capability. NOTE: This camera is sold exclusively for use with VidyoRoom products (sold separately). Recommended for use with VidyoRoom HD-100, VidyoRoom HD-220, VidyoRoom HD-230 and VidyoPanorama 600.

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